About Us

KYM LATTER – Artist, Collaborator. Guinea Pig Lover & Crazy Mum

Hi there, I’m Kym Latter the founder behind Happy Creative Co. I feel strongly that every living, breathing soul is a creative being – just in different ways.

That’s why I’ve created Happy Creative Co, a space to allow people of all ages to:
SHARE their creative knowledge
LEARN new skills
– CREATE awesomeness



Our Mission
To connect community through creativity, education and participation.

Our Vision
Happy Creative Co will act as a hub for creative learning in Maryborough, providing a platform for local creatives, makers and enthusiasts to share their knowledge though classes and workshops; and bring local community together to foster ideas and learn new skills.

Our Aim
❤ a low-cost venue to hire for classes
❤ administration support for classes including online booking system
❤ creation of promotional materials and promotion across various channels
❤ business mentoring and networking opportunities

❤ a welcoming and inclusive creative learning environment
❤ access to a diverse range of creative classes which facilitate knowledge sharing, development of new skills and social well-being
❤ a low-cost venue for informal groups of like-minded people to regularly meet and share common interests, knowledge and skills

How It Works
Happy Creative Co collaborate with a variety of people to teach classes in all forms of creativity, traditional arts and life skills.

Happy Creative Co:

  • We provide the venue including tables, chairs, kitchen, toilets and parking
  • We provide administration support including online booking system
  • We create promotional material and promote across various channels which may include social media, newsletters, email and print media.
  • We collect a “booking and venue fee” in addition to the ticket price (this charge is passed onto the customer)
  • We pay teacher invoices within 3 business days

The Teacher:

  • They choose their ticket price
  • They develop and run a class/workshop and provide any materials needed
  • They cross-promote the event
  • They invoice Happy Creative Co on successful completion of the class

About Kym Latter
Kym Latter is the Founder of Happy Creative Co, she relocated to Maryborough in late 2017 from Sydney and brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise in business development, IT Project Management and the Arts. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from James Cook University and over the past 23 years she has established multiple award-winning businesses (Magneto Graphic Designs and Gerties&Gilbert Cupcakes), been responsible for multi-million-dollar IT projects for some of Australia’s largest companies (Ergon Energy, Allianz) and was a Telstra Business Woman of the Year Finalist.

Kym is also a published author/illustrator (The Trouble with Bear Hugs – An Asthma Story) and a practising Artist specialising in eco-friendly sculptures which characteristically use a wide variety of recycled objects and materials that would normally be thrown away into landfill.

My creative philosophy is simple…
“Creativity isn’t just about the “fine arts” or copying photos and existing artwork. Creativity is how we engage in the world around us, it’s being open to exploring new ideas and learning new things, it’s trial-and-error and problem-solving… and it’s about having fun along the way!”