Creative Spark – Weekly (Kids)

Do you want your kids to have fun, learn how to problem-solve, and increase their social skills ...

Get Crafty – Weekly (All Abilities)

Come along and join in the fun, every week we will provide you with all the tools and materials to ...

Journaling For Personal Growth

Journaling is a powerful personal development tool, but it can also be hard to know where to start ...

Underwater Painting (Kids)

Absolutely no art experience required. Follow easy step-by-step instructions to create a magical ...

Ooooey Gooey Slime (Kids)

Come and have some oooooey gooey fun! During the hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to make ...

Sewing Machine Set-up

The most common problems that happen while sewing can be easily fixed if you know how your sewing ...

SLR Camera Basics

In this hands on workshop, you will learn all the controls and functions on your Single Lens Reflex ...

Happy Creative Co provide classes for kids, teenagers and adults in all forms of creativity, traditional arts and life skills. We offer a diverse range of fun and creative classes to help you try something new.

Our classes can include anything from traditional art mediums like learning to paint water colours or lessons in pastels through to journaling for personal growth, or even learning how to apply make-up, decorate a cake, plant succulents and raising backyard chickens.

We are continually looking for and collaborating with the best creative minds to share their knowledge and help you learn new skills, which means we are always adding more classes for a fresh experience.

a low-cost venue to hire for classes
administration support for classes including online booking system
promotional materials and promotion across various channels
business mentoring and networking opportunitiesINSPIRE COMMUNITY by providing:
a welcoming and inclusive creative learning environment
access to a diverse range of creative classes which facilitate knowledge sharing, development of new skills and social well-being
a low-cost venue for informal groups of like-minded people to regularly meet and share common interests, knowledge and skills

***You do not need to be a teacher or professional artist to hold a class at Happy Creative Co; what we’re all about is people who are passionate about their creative “thing” and have a willingness to collaborate and share their skills and knowledge with others.